Thania Khatumn


Thania joined Driscoll Kingston Solicitors in February 2021.

After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Philosophy and Law, she has developed an analytic way of thinking and working and hopes to apply this to her working environment.

Having worked in retail and accountancy for 5 years and 1 year respectively, she has been able to develop her customer service skills and transfer that into her current working position. With this experience behind her, Thania aspires to become a Solicitor, bringing in her own clients, and wants to work her way up to this position through assisting with solicitors’ caseloads and gaining invaluable experience from Driscoll Kingston Solicitors. The one thing she believes is that all experience is valuable experience and without a doubt transferrable.

Thania speaks fluent Bengali and English, meaning she is able to assist with translation tasks as well as fulfilling her role as a legal assistant.

In her free time, she enjoys being creative but aims to achieve success by progressing, socialising, going to the gym, reading, and painting. These are the things that help her look after herself, keep her happy and anxiety free

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