On the 21st of September 2021, Driscoll Kingston Solicitors took part in the annual Liverpool Legal Walk which is a 5km sponsored walk around Liverpool City Centre.

The aim of the walk is to raise awareness and support a number of organisations especially due to seeing reduced funding following Government cutbacks. This cause really touched our hearts at Driscoll Kingston Solicitors as a number of our Clients are extremely vulnerable and rely on a number of these organisations.

The Government cutbacks has meant that these organisations have had to look to other means to be provided with help and finances and the risk if these are not forthcoming would be that these services would have to close.

Examples of the services which are supported are, organisations preventing homelessness, destitution, further support for older people and helping trafficked children and women.

Without contributions many of these organisations would struggle to provide services and they are an integral part of the City.

The team at Driscoll Kingston attended the walk after work and thoroughly enjoyed the same. It was a brilliant cause and a laugh to be able to spend time with your colleague’s outside of work hours.

Once the walk was completed, all participants were invited for a complementary drink and to celebrate the walk.

We are so proud to have been part of this day and raise money for a concept which we fully support.

We cannot wait to take part next year and continue raising money for such a brilliant cause.

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