Costs Draftsman


  • Drafting Bills of Costs & N260 cost schedules (electronic bill drafting is desirable but not necessary)
  • Preparing Precedent H Cost Budgets and Budget Discussion Reports
  • Undertaking cost negotiations and maximising cost recovery
  • Providing advice and guidance to fee earners on cost issues
  • Issuing Part 8 proceedings and drafting N252s for formal bill service
  • Preparing Points of Dispute and Replies
  • Ability to risk assess offers and utilise case law to resolve disputes
  • Dealing with provisional/detailed assessment hearings including preparing bundles
  • Post-assessment work including calculation of assessment figures and oral reviews



  • Ability to manage own caseload from cradle to grave
  • Strong knowledge of case law and Civil Procedure Rules
  • Ability to meet targets and work under pressure with high turnaround workload
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with colleagues and opponents

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